Loadmaster companies have a long history of designing and manufacturing onshore and offshore rigs and rig equipment for operations worldwide, including the USA, Gulf Coast, Arctic Alaska, North Sea, Russia, Papau New Guinea, South America and China. Loadmaster companies have been at the forefront of rig design, and have developed and manufactured some of the most innovative, versatile, and cost-effective drilling rigs to meet conventional, as well as unique, drilling and operating environments for their customers.

A limited sample of specific projects and manufactured applications include:

  • Fast Moving land drilling rigs to meet current demands in the USA for safe and efficient rig moves
  • Highly mobile desert drilling rigs with state of the art drilling equipment and controls
  • Helicopter transported drilling rigs for mobilization to remote parts of the world including Papau New Guinea
  • Land rig walking systems to efficiently move large capacity masts and substructures between cluster wells, without laying down drillpipe
  • Large capacity harsh environment dynamic derricks for deep water semi-submersibles, interfacing the latest rig equipment such as a crown mounted compensator, and an automated pipe racking systems
  • Large module derrick barge installed platform rig for the cold temperatures of the Baltic Sea
  • Platform crane lift modular rig for efficient batch drilling in Bohai Bay, China
  • Winterized drilling module with hydraulic skidding system for land based cluster well drilling in the highly active seismic region of Sakhalin Island, Russia. Arranged “side-saddle” so that mast raising and lowering, and pipe handling is not over completed wells.
  • Self propelled two-module cantilevered drilling rig designed and constructed for the environmental extremes of the Alaskan North Slope
  • Drilling unit with snubbing capabilities utilizing a hydraulic drawworks traveling within a track system on the back of the mast, operating in the harsh environment of the Norwegian waters of the North Sea
  • Vertically assembled masts for modular platform drilling rigs, upgradeable with optional dynamic assist structure for installation on a SPAR or TLP, or on fixed platforms in seismic regions

Let us show you how we can design and manufacture specific drilling rig equipment to solve your unique drilling operations. Or select one of our proven produces from the catalogue of existing equipment.