Rig Electrical Systems

At the heart of a Loadmaster Universal Rigs is a state-of-the-art electrical system, comprised of four major components.

Power Plant Management System
Our fully digital Generator Control emplys the latest available technology. Our power plant has built in standard features such as: Power Management and Anti-blackout, for added fuel economy and rig overall uptime. All Generator Controls units are built to meet and exceed requirements of regulatory bodies such as NEC, ABS, DNV and IEEE. Our system can be used anywhere Power Generation Management is required, from the Oilfield to Process Plants, to Co-Generation and Utilities Plants.

Motor Control System
All our motor control centers are of intelligent type. The 75 HP and smaller motors are FVNR starters controlled and motors greater than 75 HP are soft starter controlled. The motor may start/stop from the MCC panel, local motor location, or Driller’s cabin HMI, depending on the control requirements. All motors are overload protected and their status is fully monitored from the driller’s cabin touch screen.

Drilling VFD System
After careful consideration our company chose ABB Variable Frequency Drives for drilling equipment. This decision is based on wide international acceptance of the product and 200 years of research and development. Integration of the drives on a power grid is simple and flexible via communication bus. This versatility allows us to incorporate Auto-Drill functions, Mud Pumps with full torque at zero speed and an overall flexible and intelligent system. Our Drawworks uses the drive system for Dynamic Braking, resulting in more efficient brake systems with accurate positioning, less wear and tear and less frequent brake component replacement and maintenance.

Since our drawworks has full regenerative capability, excess power dissipates through the Dynamic Brake resistor bank.

Our resistor banks are built from Stainless Steel and are housed in a stainless steel enclosure. Each resistor bank is equipped with temperature switch devices than report status to our control system.

Design for redundancy and interchangeability is employed for the complete drive system. In case of a VFD power module failure, the drive will adapt to the new available power. Modules are simple to change thus overall downtime is minimized.

Driller Control and HMI
Loadmaster Universal Rigs has taken full advantage of advances in control technology in the design and construction of its Drillers Controls and Cabin.

A few of the features of our Drillers Cabin:

  • Built from Stainless Steel to ensure long service life
  • Improved field of view
  • Complete Purge and Pressurization per NEPA496 Type Z
  • Siemens PLC is selected as rig central control processor which controls the Mud Pumps, Drawworks, HPU, Disk Brake, Rotary Table, Rotary, Mouse Hole, Catheads, and other auxiliary functions
  • Dual HMIs (Human Machine Interface) are provided for all the operation controls and the rig control status monitoring, as well as the display of the alarm and warning messages
  • Special functions like load control, auto-drill, phase back and power limit, sensor calibration, and historical drilling data recording are integrated as Loadmaster standard
  • Cyber Chair complete with drilling controls
  • Integral rig supervisory gas detection system, CCTV and Gai-Tronic system
  • Conventional analog gauges are provided for redundancy and familiarity. Systems such as redundant CPUs, power supplies and network fiber for our PLC system sets our Rig Electrical Systems apart from our competitors

Our engineering team is flexible and highly responsive to customer needs. In addition to our standard products, we can build to exact customer requirements.